As the COVID-19 situation changes day-to-day, these are our current established procedures in response to this situation. We apologize for any inconvenience for any abrupt modifications. We will do our best to inform the student body as quickly as possible if anything changes.

What is the best practice?

Attend your regularly scheduled class via Zoom. Links to your assigned Zoom class has been released via email. Please let us know if you haven’t received it.

How should my training area be setup?

We suggest clearing out space that approximately 10 ft x 10 ft. Having as much space as possible is ideal. During classes or trainings avoid having any distractions or loud sounds so you can concentrate and give 100% of your focus to your practice. If needed, explain to other family members not disturb you/your child during these times.

What if I miss a Zoom class?

Summary Videos & follow-along Lesson Plans are provided for all classes except Little Ninjas, Uechi-Ryu Advanced, and Hyper Fight Club. If you or your child experiences difficulty with this, please make every effort to attend class via Zoom.

How are you taking attendance?

Please email [email protected]


Are you going to do testing?

As of Wednesday, April 1, 2020, promotion/testing is conditional. We will follow our typical testing procedures and conduct evaluations under our current circumstances, however when classes resume our Instructors reserve their discretion to determine final ranking.

What if I don’t see my class online?

As of Monday, 3/30/2020, due to technical difficulties and logistics not all classes may be available through youtube/facebook/email. We recommend repeating a class that is online and emailing us to record attendance. If you do not see a particular class email [email protected] for recommendations.

Do I need to have facebook?

You don’t. However it is the most widely-used, accessible, and flexible app that is available. If you are not a fan of social media, then we suggest just signing up so you can receive updates from the dojo. We a private facebook group which you must request access to. Becoming a member of the group ensures that you receive notifications when Dojo Admins/Instructors post. We also post our Zoom links to access classes. If you are receiving our emails then Facebook isn’t needed. It’s just nice to have.

What if my question is not answered here?

Email: [email protected]