Anywhere in email include Student’s/Member’s Name & Date of class completed


Every effort will be made to host classes via Zoom. These livestream classes will take place during your regularly scheduled class. If the class is missed, then a short, summary video and follow-along lesson will be provided. You are encouraged to attend your regularly scheduled class via Zoom. If you have not received an email containing the Zoom Schedule, please email [email protected]

Please try and logon to Zoom 5 minutes prior to class in case of connectivity issues. We are aware of connectivity issues, especially early in the afternoon. If you experience this, please close the app the try again. Continuing trying.

If you are looking for summary videos + lesson plans, click the date and you can pick your class through the youtube playlist. Due to technical difficulties some classes may be missing. Please email for recommendations.

Summary Video & Lesson Plan is NOT available for the following classes: Little Ninjas (6-7 years old) / Uechi-Ryu Advanced/Black Belt Class / Hyper Fight Club. Students in these classes must attend through Zoom.

*Note that Uechi-Ryu Adult may follow a variety of Classes/Lesson Plans. You may pick from Uechi-Ryu Beginner or Uechi-Ryu Intermediate.

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