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Dojo Creed

  1. I will use karate only for self-defense and as a way to achieve better mental and physical fitness.
  2. I will give 100% effort to all things so that I may experience the best results.
  3. I will be helpful and show respect to all people so that I may deserve that respect in return.
  4. I will never be loud or show off with karate, it is better to be humble, train with respect, and achieve honor.

Dojo Rules

  1. Eye Contact (shows focus/you’re paying attention)
  2. Yes, sir. No, sir / Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. (demonstrates courtesy and respect)
  3. Raise your hand before you speak (shows etiquette and gives opportunity for others to participate)
  4. No horse playing (such play fighting, improper use of equipment / avoids unnecessary injury / if you’re hurt you can’t train)
  5. No whining (it doesn’t help things/no one wants to hear that)