This presentation is appropriate for open tournament presentation. Typically, competitors would enter the ring and approach the judges, bow, and then present in clear, confident voice. The information in the presentation is something that all karateka (karate-practitioners) should generally know.

My name is (First & Last Name).
My style is Uechi-Ryu (sounds like “way-chee roo”).
My school is East Bay Karate-Do.
My sensei is John Felipe.
My kata is (the name of the kata you are performing).
With your permission may I begin?

What kata (form) should I be doing?

Typically, you perform the highest-level kata that you can do well. Below is list of the various levels along with their corresponding kata.

Little Ninjas (ages 6-7)

  • Little Ninjas Kata (beginners’ version has 1 front kick / advanced version has 1 front kick, and 1 jump front kick)

Little Dragons (ages 8-11

  • Traditional Kata #1
  • Traditional Kata #2
  • Traditional Kata #3

Uechi-Ryu Katas (ages 12 and up)

  • Sanchin
  • Kanshiwa
  • Kanshu
  • Seichin
  • Seisan
  • Seirui
  • Kanchin
  • Sanseiryu

Other Forms

  • Black Belt Club – Traditional Weapons Kata
  • Hyper Pro/XMA – Open-hand freestyle form/freestyle weapons form